In recent years,a lot of efforts have been done in order to establish family physician program in Iran which has always been faced with ups and downs. So that,this point has been evident in literature review,experts’ panel and formal report on health indicators' trend of Iran.

However,the healthcare experts identify the family physician program as a key strategy for solving the problems of Iran’s healthcare system. The development of family physician program in the countryside during the past ten years,pilot study of this project in two large provinces of the country,also the beginning of major evolution plan in hospital area that each allocated large amount of health budget to themselves,have doubled the need for discussion on ten-year trend analysis of the health system reform on the basis of family physician program.

Therefore,the International Conference on Family Physician which will be held from December 27th to 28th,2015 in Shiraz,Iran,is an attempt to investigate and discuss this issue from the perspectives of the international,national and provincial researchers. So the presence of all researchers,healthcare experts and policy makers will accredit our seminar.

- The philosophy of family physician

- Family physician and medical education

- Family physician and universal health coverage

- Incentive and financial system in family physician

- Evaluating the international,national and provincial experiences in family physician

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline: October 22,2015
Seminar Dates:
December 27& 28,2015
Address : Health Policy Research Center, Building No.2,8th Floor, School of Medicine,Zand Avenue,Shiraz,Iran
Tel/Fax : +98 - 71 - 32309615

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